This sanctuary of unparalleled design and comfort is a collective vision of the world-renowned Zurich-based SLIK Architekten and award-winning Milan’s Park Associati. Beyond mere aesthetics, La Vetta is a tribute to the pure magnificence of Swiss mountain peaks. Its gentle interiors encapsulate a world of tranquil luxury, weaving the enduring strength of the Swiss mountains with the passionate artistry of Italian craftsmanship. At its very essence, La Vetta encompasses a design philosophy that skilfully intertwines natural harmony with sculpted elegance, where every space radiates a distinct charm and timeless allure, inviting all who enter to pause and take in the union of nature and crafted beauty.

A Swiss-Alpine home
with Italian flair


Acclaimed Italian interior design studio Park Associati and Swiss-based SLIK Architekten give insight into their key inspirations behind dreaming up La Vetta’s interiors and exteriors.

Park Associati
SLIK Architekten

In conversation with
Park Associati

Michele Rossi and Caterina Steiner are notable figures at the renowned architecture and interior design studio Park Associati. The firm is recognised for its high-profile clientele, including luxury brands such as Gucci, Hermès, Brioni and Canari. Michele is one of its founding partners and boasts unparalleled design expertise.

What inspired you whilst working on La Vetta?

Our muse was transalpinism and the mid-century Italian design spirit, reminiscent of the likes of Carlo Mollino and his use of shapes and colours. We wanted to anchor the design with iconic Italian elements, especially for the feature furniture pieces.

Your collaboration with world-renowned Italian designers like Rubinacci and Potocco resulted in custom furniture exclusively designed for La Vetta. How did you find that process?

Working closely with the artisans from these time-honoured brands was an exceptional experience and led to the creation of bespoke tables with subtle wooden inlays, among other pieces. While we approached the designers with a distinct vision, merging our ideas with their deep-rooted Italian artistry and craftsmanship was crucial. Our goal wasn’t merely to create something iconic but to fashion timeless masterpieces that truly resonate with La Vetta’s spirit.

With so many renowned furniture brands to choose from, how did you curate the selection for these residences?

Our selection aimed to cultivate an ambience of warmth blended with Italian sophistication. Certainly, luminaries like Castiglioni and Scarpa, the Italian design vanguards from the 50’s and 60’s, significantly influenced our choices.

Park Associati is renowned for its work with international fashion brands. Does the design process differ between a luxury boutique and a residential space?

Fundamentally, our ethos remains consistent. Whether for a high-end boutique or a residence, we desire to envelop the individual in warmth and familiarity, curating a unique experience tailored for them.

La Vetta is where architecture meets artistry. It is a haven of comfort that invites residents to move around freely and embrace the serenity of the here and now.

Interior Designers Caterina Steiner and Michele Rossi

In conversation with
SLIK Architekten

Esteemed Swiss architect Steffen Lemmerzahl delves into La Vetta, sharing inspirations, challenges and more.

How did you approach the early design stages of La Vetta?

As we embarked on this journey, the surrounding environment was evolving, compelling us to have a clear vision. We aspired for mountain-centric modernism interspersed with a touch of playfulness, whilst maximising space. Mastering the building’s five angles was essential to crafting internal coherence.

What makes the shape of this building special?

The fundamental form, that is to say the foundation, was steered by the overarching master plan. The walls were designed as extensions of the village itself. The distinct form of the building was a factor we recognised would require three-dimensional thought. With a vertical vision, we chose materials aptly. We started with stone at the base to counter the snow. Above, we deliberately utilised lighter materials like wood and glass, adding a unique strength. Additionally, we took into account the piazza’s retail boutiques inherent to the vibrant piazza setting.

Could you elaborate on the natural materials you selected for La Vetta?

Today, sustainability is non-negotiable. So, we made a concerted effort to source locally, using Weisser stone and timber in our design for La Vetta. Beyond just the environmental benefits, such as reduced CO2 emissions, these materials offer specific construction advantages. Wood, being lightweight yet sturdy, enabled us to reduce the use of concrete and amplify the expansiveness of the interiors. We’ve been meticulous about our material choices. Given that they’re always in view in our design, we’ve anticipated future aesthetics, ensuring treatments like wood staining endure gracefully over the years.

How do you envision individuals feeling upon entering La Vetta?

Our desire is for people to find solace within the stone-embellished interiors. Ascending the stairs, you’re greeted by a commanding, robust atmosphere. The stone’s texture and wooden doors are prominently displayed. Yet, there exists a stark distinction between the shared spaces and the private interiors. The latter exudes warmth and comfort, with materials specifically chosen for their inviting and reassuring nature.

Architect, Steffen Lemmerzahl


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